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Pro Clinic PowerUp

Let's be honest, it can be challenging as a doc to stay on top of all the conditions, diagnosis and cases.

Not any more. This course will make sure your foundation on disease and pharm is rock solid. 

Billing & Coding Pro

Whether you are new to Billing & Coding or looking to advance your skills, this quick course will help you Maximize your reimbursements and perfect the process of 99 vs 92 code selection.

Pro Clinic AudioCases

Looking to stay up-to-date on your disease and treatment, but don't have the time for videos? 

We got you. Listen to 70+ cases while you drive, chart or are just relaxing. 

Pro Clinic PowerUp

A massive on-demand video course designed to help you keep up-to-date on all things disease and treatment related.
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Pro Billing & Coding

A fast-paced and easy to follow course that will give you a concrete understanding of how to maximize reimbursements and perfect the process of 99 vs 92 code selection.
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Pro AudioCases

Quick cases paired with the power of audio. Take Clinic PowerUp on the go. 
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Billing & Coding Pro

$83.30/3 mo

Save $300 Now

  • Billing & Coding E-Book
  • On-Demand Video¬†Course
  • Case/Code Examples
  • MDM Breakdown
  • Code Application Maximization
  • 92 vs 99 Breakdown
  • Best Coding Practices
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Pro Clinic PowerUp


Free Membership Fee | Most Popular Course

  • 18hrs On-Demand Clinical¬†Cases
  • 200+ Clinical Images
  • 70+ Individual Cases
  • 100+ Case Quiz Questions & Explanations
  • Pharmacology Review
  • Advanced Material
  • PDF Guides
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Pro Clinic AudioCases


Free Membership Fee

  • 70+ AudioCases
  • 100% On-Demand
  • Unlimited Access
  • 10hrs Of Streaming Audio
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